These 5 small details make a big impact!!

  1. Cocktail Napkins: Custom napkins for the bar are a great way to show some of your personality! Incorporate your colors, your pets, your favorite song, the options are endless. Disposable items are a great addition to your day because they make a big impact but do not create extensive cleanup or become something you need to store.
  2. Guestbook: Traditional guest books are not the only option. Think of basically anything you will actually use or want to look at on a regular basis, and it could work! A piece of art for your home, a bible, your favorite vinyl record, a dictionary, coasters, truly anything that feels more “you”. The goal should be to have something that regularly reminds you of the community that surrounded you on your big day!
  3. Music: Sometimes music is an underutilized tool at weddings. There are so many ways to plug your own personality into the day rather than using the typical wedding songs. Use your parents’ wedding songs for the anniversary dance. Use your favorite song from high school for the bouquet toss. This is the one time you can make everyone listen to your favorite songs without them complaining, use it!
  4. Send-Off: Sparkler send-offs are the most common, for sure! But there are plenty of other options that can help you stick closer to the look you’re after. We’ve seen bubbles, glow sticks, ribbons, fake snow, dried flowers, and even light sabers!
  5. Seating Chart: Seating charts are becoming a bigger and bigger deal at weddings! Some are giant displays with favors attached, and they are grand. However, you can still make a huge impact with a simple displayed chart. Use imagery from your favorite movies as the background, title it with your favorite song lyrics, or incorporate your favorite game into the design.

We look forward to seeing more and more unique details form our couples, and love the glimpse these touches give us into your lives!